Pricing & Delivery

All of our cakes are bespoke and made to your taste and specification.

You can choose from 3 packages, each determines a general level of decoration. Since every single design is different, they are always quoted individually. Exact prices are always dependent on the type and complexity of the decoration. and the time needed to create that decoration.

Our Wedding Packages at a Glance

“Beautifully Simple” Range

£200 – £600

Simple but lovely designs, minimalist decoration executed with elegance.

  • Semi naked or buttercream cakes: Starting from £350 for a 3 tier cake.

  • Sugar-paste covered cakes: Starting from £400 for a 3 tier cake.

  • A wide range of flavour choices of lovely moist sponge cakes.

  • Smooth and delicate Italian Meringue buttercream.

  • Decorated with love and care, using fresh flowers (supplied by your florist), fresh fruits or small arrangement of sugar flowers.

  • Organic and ethically sourced ingredients

“Classic and Unique” Range


More elaborately decorated cakes for that extra wow factor.

On top to the “Beautifully
Simple” range a “Classic and Unique” cake offers:

  • Up to 4 Tiers

A wider choice of decorative methods or combination used to decorate your cake these include:

  • Hand painted initials
  • Larger arrangements of sugar flowers
  • Delicate details of piped lace
  • Hand painted flowers or other images of your choice
  • Stencil or other pattern work
  • Other sugar work

“Epic and Opulent”


A complete work of art, as elaborate and breath-taking as you wish it to be.

On top of the
“Classic and Unique” range an “Epic and Opulent” cake offers

  • 3, 4 or more tiers

  • Mini fruitcake gift to cut on your first anniversary.

  • Time lapse video of your cake in the making.

  • Endless possibilities in combination of décor:
    • Larger arrangements of sugar flowers
    • Hand piped lace and royal icing work
    • Free standing royal icing structures
    • Fully painted from every angle
    • Intricate stencilling work
    • Edible gold or silver detail
    • Hand painted, fully decorated base board

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Our general pricing principles apply to all of our cakes including wedding cakes, birthday or other celebration and party cakes.

Every single cake is quoted individually, considering its size, complexity and the number of working hours needed to create the design.

Prices of single tier Party and Celebration cakes start from £90. (6″ round cake)

For 3D or Novelty cakes prices start from £350.


The delivery and set up of a wedding cake is included in its quoted price.

Delivery is free within Milton Keynes and within a 50mile radius if the price of your cake is above £400.

We do deliver anywhere in the UK, but additional charges would apply in cases of long distance delivery and the cost would be £0.50 per mile.

This also applies to celebration cakes.

Please note, that if you decide to collect your cake yourself, we can not take responsibility of its safe arrival to the venue. This means, that the person picking up the cake will sign a form, taking over all responsibility for delivering the cake in perfect condition. If such a cake gets damaged in transport we will not offer any replacement, repair work or refunds.


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