Party and Celebration Cakes

A luxurious bespoke party or celebration cake is the perfect way to make an occasion truly special.

“A party without a cake is just a meeting.” – as they say..

All our cakes are specifically designed to order and made with love and care using the best available ingredients, sourced as ethically and locally as much as possible.

Party and Celebration Cakes
Hand Painted Party and Celebration Cakes

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Each of our cakes are bespoke and quoted individually. The price of any cake depends on its size, the level and complexity of its decoration and the number of working hours needed to make and decorate it.

This way of pricing applies to all of our cakes, including Wedding Cakes.

Prices for single tier party or celebration cake start from £90 for a 6″ round cake.

Novelty cakes start from £350.

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